• If you were one of the many wondering why Spartan Jameson Locke is hunting down Master Chief John 117, Microsoft has something special for you this morning. Today the company unveiled the Halo 5: Guardians Launch […]

  • As purveyors of all Microsoft-related entertainment news some days we have to deliver bad news to good, loyal people. If you’ve been one of the many hanging on to your Zune Music Pass subscription and a […]

  • It may have taken longer than PC gamers would have liked, but Microsoft has officially released the PC drivers for the Xbox One Controller.

    The drivers aren’t yet downloading automatically through Windows Update just yet, but they are available for anyone to download them earlier at MajorNelson. Before downloading one or the other, users should check to see if their Windows desktop, laptop or tablet is an x86 or x64 based system. Then they should download the corresponding driver. Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista users can find out which one they need by looking in the Properties area of My Computer or Computer. Casual users who don’t know what any of that means should just wait until it’s available through Windows Update.

    Paired with a microUSB cable, the PC drivers will allow users to play PC games like Star Trek Online and Halo: Spartan Assault on their devices with the Xbox One’s controller instead of using their keyboard and mouse. Each individual game has to support the functionality.

    Microsoft says that any game that worked with the Xbox 360’s PC drivers will also work with the Xbox One.

  • What do you say about an egotistical and eccentric billionaire who spends his money on increasingly flashy technology filled suits and fast cars? This Saturday night you don’t say anything. Instead you rent Iron […]

  • Netflix subscribers who didn’t get enough of Dr. Gregory House’s wise cracking and making a social cast-away out of himself during it’s run on Fox can now stream the entirety of House M.D. on Netflix.

    Netflix […]

  • Are they going to force us to update the Mail/Calendar/Contacts app when we upgrade to 8.1?

    I’ve been holding out on upgrading that app since they took away its ability to sync with Google Calendar (I use my […]

  • I might have to see if I can grab this. The biggest problem I have is simply storage space. I just have the Arcade 4 gig hard drive in my Xbox, and already have another 4 gig thumb drive plugged in and almost […]

  • Anyone know when MS re-instated streaming music in your browser? I was so disappointed when Zune.net disappeared and I couldn’t stream music through my browser anymore (it was the only way I could use my Xbox Music Pass on my MacBook at work). I just visited the Xbox Music website, though, and noticed that all of my “Cloud” music is there, ready…[Read more]

  • I’m really worried about what this will mean down the road. For now, it looks like we can still download music through the Zune software. If they ever fully take away that ability, though, it means our classic […]

  • I like Xbox Music, and, in many cases, I really like the fact that my collection is synced to the cloud, making the amount of music available on my phone so much larger than it ever was with my WP7 device. However, I currently only use my phone to listen to music while I’m in the office (where I can stay connected to WiFi).

    If my Zune should…[Read more]

  • Hopefully they will have made some improvements to the voice recognition by then. Nothing is more annoying than when I’m watching Netflix or Xbox Video or HBO Go, and the video pauses itself or starts rewinding or […]

  • I wonder what that means for the built-in “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” app in Windows 8; and if Outlook RT will support Google calendars (not sure about the full version of Outlook 2013, but Outlook 2010 doesn’t […]

  • When I opened the Marketplace (or Windows Store or whatever it’s called nowadays) on my Windows 8 PC this evening, I noticed that the official Twitter app is finally available. I suspect that it’s no coincidence that the desktop (Adobe AIR) versions of Tweetdeck were sunsetted at the same time Twitter finally released the Windows 8 app.

    Taking a quick look at the app, it’s fairly nice, but very minimal. When it’s snapped to the narrow side of your screen, it very closely resembles the new version of the Windows Phone Twitter app, but when it’s set to full screen or it’s snapped to the wide portion of the screen, it looks very sparse and empty. The app doesn’t seem to support columns or multiple accounts (not yet, at least), so all you see is a single column, no matter how you have the app positioned on your screen.

    Have you installed it and played with it yet? What do you think?

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  • Tonight, the update to 2.0 seems to be available for her phone again. Still, this has been a rather strange series of events.

  • Yesterday, Twitter released a completely revamped version of their official app for Windows Phone. Today, however, things have started to get a little weird.

    As I may have mentioned before, my wife & I both bought HTC 8X devices in late December. She got the 8 gig yellow, and I got the 16 gig blue version. They are on the same AT&T Family Plan.

    We both updated to the new Twitter app yesterday. This evening, however, her phone notified her that there was another “update” available for the Twitter app. She updated her phone and found that she had actually been rolled back to the old version.

    On my phone, meanwhile, there is no such notification about an “update”.

    On her phone, inside the app itself, on the About screen, it shows as version 1.3.4692.24603. On my phone, though, it shows as version

    On her phone, the Marketplace says that the current version is, released on Jan. 27, 2013; while my phone’s Marketplace says the current version is, released on Feb. 26, 2013. I’m not sure exactly what might be going on, but it is rather strange to see this happen, especially on the heels of the Windows Phone 7.8 update getting pulled from the metaphorical shelves yesterday. This is not a good sign for our beloved platform.

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  • Watched the whole season in about 3 days. It was awesome. I didn’t like it as much as Newsroom, but it is definitely better than most stuff on TV right now.


    It was really weird watching the characters […]

  • I went to update Thing 2’s (that’s how I refer to my male child online – his female twin is Thing 1, and the youngest is The Kidlet) Nokia Lumia 900 to Windows Phone 7.8 today, and the Zune Software told me there were no updates available. After a quick search online, I found a few articles indicating that Microsoft pulled the update sometime within the last day or two, after being available for just under a month.

    I haven’t seen any official word from Microsoft, yet, explaining why the update was pulled.

    Unfortunately, if you haven’t already updated your Windows Phone 7 device to the new version, you seem to have missed the boat (temporarily, at least). Hopefully, Microsoft will get this straightened out quickly, and the carriers won’t hold things up too much when MS gives it the go-ahead again.

  • I didn’t realize the first episode was available online for free. That’s really cool.

    I watched the first 11 episodes over the weekend, but haven’t quite finished up the season. Really enjoying the show, but I […]

  • Do you know if screen shots will be part of the 7.8 update, too?

  • I have to say, when I first got my 8X and tried to use the bundled Maps app (I spent that weekend in the metro DC area – Tyson’s Corner, Springfield, Waldorf, etc.), I was really ticked off. I was so mad, I ended […]

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