A hack and slash game, For Honor puts knights, Vikings and samurai in one world where they coexist. Well, coexist is a loaded term. They’re really at war.

The game’s single player story involves a cataclysm that forces these factions into conflict. The good news is that all of this makes for some great hack and slash gameplay. Players don’t create their own character, but they do choose from one of the ones available, like peacekeepers, knights and samurai. Each character type has its own pros and cons, complete with battle options. The more complicated characters are the more dangerous, but some of these easier characters are just as deadly.

Through Faction War, the game keeps a persistent, ever-changing world that reflects which groups are conquering territory in battle. Elimination, Dueling and Brawling and Domination are promised for the game’s multiplayer. The single player promises some interesting linear combat with some narrative sprinkled in. The weapons, sword, mace and more, are brutal and deadly. You’ll feel like a powerful warrior after every execution.

For Honor launches on February 14th.