Ubisoft as hit its stride with open-world games since the Assassin’s Creed franchise made it big. The Crew proved that there was a thirst for the design mechanic outside of the traditional adventure games it was being used on. The Division drove that point home earlier this year. This winter, Ubisoft plans to try its hand at new intellectual property building again with the mechanic. On December 2nd it plans to launch Steep.

Steep feels like a first for the publisher. In-house studio Ubisoft Annecy is creating an extreme sports game that’s easy to get into and even easier to connect with friends in. A mountain in the Alps plays host to skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wing suit events. Gamers rack up points and character items by successfully doing tricks inside and outside of a party.

Multiplayer is built into the game, with players able to leave performance trails for their friends to attempt. Like other online games, specialty plays a roll in character developer for Steep. Built-in camera options let users created content go to levels only reached by real-life action cameras and a Go Pro.