There’s something about a political thriller. Only in this format can the intellectually inclined get their entertainment fix.  While watching other genres on the boob tube are all about acting and taking in nice visuals, in the case of House of Cards it’s all about the subtle nuances, -the cadence and potency in the dialogue and the ever complicated way in which Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) operates.

Let’s be clear, there are a few misses with its plot, particularly the way the show tends to flesh out any characters who don’t have their surname in the title cards. However, that’s simply to set the show’s contrast between the middle-of-the-road empty shirts that infest our national houses of power and the truly brilliant political operatives who must be out there somewhere.

Watch House of Cards. Watch it because the first episode is free. Watch it if for no other reason than you’ll experience the genre at its dizzying heights. Watch it because this is American television drama at its finest.