Injustice 2 answers an age-old question. What if DC Comics weren’t worried about having too much blood and gore? What if your favorite super heroes were ready to do battle in w world where there were no rules and you were completely in control of their abilities? You’d have Brainiac dishing out major damage.

Developer NetherRealm Studios debuts its first new game since Mortal Kombat X on May 16th when Injustice 2 arrives on store shelves. The game continues the story related adventures of the first game. There are new characters to do battle with, along with new options for customizing the heroes and villains that you love. Supergirl is among the new characters coming. Make no mistake, Injustice 2 is the kind of button-mashing, fighting game that NetherRealm is known for. On the other hand, the company is promising its new progression system will add RPG-elements to the franchise.