If you thought last year’s Xbox One S reveal was much-anticipated, you haven’t seen anything yet. Microsoft has something else coming this year, and it’s not a refreshed, smaller version of the original Xbox One. Project Scorpio is being billed as the most powerful video game console ever created.

Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio at its briefing during the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the same time it was showing off the Xbox One S. This console will be included hardware upgrades that make it way more powerful than the current Xbox One consoles. The company says all that computing power will translate to better graphics and support for playing video games on a 4K television at actual 4K resolution. By comparison, the Xbox One S upscales a game’s normal resolution for 4K televisions. Team Xbox has also promised that Project Scorpio will offer some kind of VR experience. The console will continue to work with the Xbox One games already on store shelves.

Project Scorpio will arrive on store shelves by the end of 2017.