The biggest show in gaming is once again rolling out a welcome carpet to anyone and everyone that loves the Xbox. Microsoft’s Xbox FanFest events are still going on, and the next major FanFest is set for E3 2017.

Five-hundred tickets were given out on a first come, first serve basis to anyone that register online. Those attending Xbox FanFest at E3 2017 will get swag and access to the Electronic Entertainment Expo at no charge to them. They’ll be get hands-on time with all the new titles that get revealed at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2017 Media Briefing.

Xbox FanFest at E3 2017 will begin on the same day that Microsoft’s E3 2017 Media Briefing is held, June 11th. Private access to any games that Microsoft announces and Project Scorpio are planned, according to Xbox WireMicrosoft is also throwing in a custom backpack so that the crowds at the show can pick FanFest participants out of a line-up.