Windows Phone

Which Windows Phone do you have or have had in the past?

Windows Phone 8X by HTC

What's your favorite Xbox Live on Windows Phone game?

Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds,

Your favorite apps?

TVShow, TuneIn

Xbox & Gaming

What's your Xbox Gamertag?


Your favorite Xbox game:

L.A. Noire, Batman Arkham City

Your favorite Xbox LIVE Arcade title:


Favorite video game genre:

Action Adventure

Xbox Music & Gaming

Your favorite album:

"21" by Adele, "God Forgives & I Don't" by Rick Ross

Your favorite song:

"Maybach Music 3" by Rick Ross & T.I., "John" by Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

Xbox Video and the Small Screen

What's are your favorite television shows?

30 Rock, Community, Masterpiece, This Old House, Young Justice, Suburgatory

What's are your favorite movies or movie genres?

Casino Royale, Harry Potter series



Trav Pope


Virginia USA



MSN Messeger

Favorite Microsoft entertainment platform?

Surface, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox