Thomas Jefferson once said, “We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.”  We are all also coffee drinkers, and according to every related statistic known to man, Americans don’t just drink coffee, we’ve managed to turn it into a culture. We can’t wake in the morning without it, we can’t even get through meetings without it, we can’t watch our favorite light night shows without juicing up on it.

This week we’ve got the best apps to help you get that fix of good ol’ joe.


We can’t do an App Flow on coffee without first revisiting the terlo llc’s Coffee 101. The free app will completely change the way you look at any kind of coffee and features everything from how to make coffee with a plunger or press to the best roasts for different times out of the year. If you pride yourself for knowing the ins and outs of everything to do with America’s favorite hot beverage look no further.


Let’s lay our cards right on the table here. I drink about three to four cups of coffee a day, I inherited a nasty caffeine addiction, thanks mom!.  When I’m at home, it’s Walmart’s Columbian blend, but when I’m out nothing makes me feel quite as peppy or sophisticated as a overly priced cup of Starbucks Coffee. During my six year stint in retail the only thing I had to do was walk right next door to get my fix, but since I became a fulltime editor at enConnected a year ago I’ve found it harder and harder to grab a decent cup from lesser known shops that happen to be near me. Enter Sensibility’s Starbucks Finder which does exactly what it’s named and more. The app has the features you would expect, mobile payments, map support for finding the nearest location – you know the standard stuff. Where it really shines is the other important details like support for store information like whether each store is a license or company owned, has drive-through availability, or offers wireless for patrons. It’s not a Starbucks finder, it’s the Starbucks Finder. I can’t recommend it enough.


While both Coffee 101 and Starbucks Finder help you get coffee, neither of them help you with the trials you go through once you’ve gotten your fix. Somehow once a week I manage to drop, or spill a cup of brown gold, so much in fact that I’ve become known as coffee fingers to a few of my close friends. For the next few days I’ll be practicing with Melon Mobile LLC’s HotCoffee game to get better at my hand-cup-java coordination. The game includes support for online leaderboards so you’ll see just how close your friends came to walking distances without spilling their cups as well. HotCoffee is also free.

With that, I leave you find coffee drinkers to your mugs, tumblers, and stirrer sticks. You can suggest themes for App Flow or tell us about some of your favorite applications for Windows Phone using Twitter, just drop a message to @harlemS.

Until next week I leave you with these wise words: the best part of waking up, is not seeing coffee grains in your cup.

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