All Windows Phone users have heard it before. When Microsoft designed Windows Phone they wanted to make it easier to do the things that people do with their smartphone. So what do a majority of smartphone users do at least once a day? They take a picture. This week  we’ve got a lineup of some of the best apps involving picture taking.


Last week I told you about my favorite picture editor on Windows Phone: Thumba Photo Editor. It’s a great editing solution for just about everyone, but what if you don’t want the extra step in taking pictures in the photo application and then moving them over? Enter Thumba Cam, the same photo editing features but packaged together with the ability to share and take pictures right in the app. For those of you who don’t like extra steps it should be a win. Thumba Photo Editor is available for $.99.


Another thing I’ve found I enjoy doing with my photos is adding really great color effects with our next software pick this week: Colorize. Colorize allows you to quickly add dynamic color twists on your favorite photos. Sounds simple? Sure, but it gives you all the tools you need to do it correctly with options for adjusting for brush size and includes a fill option. Best of all it’s completely ad supported, meaning it’s as free as that squirrel who’ll be gnawing on your holiday lights soon.


Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always seen photos as useless unless you are going to do something with them. This week we’ve got the ultimate social network for photo taking. I’m of course talking about Flickr for Windows Phone. This app also features a camera mode along with all of the social networking features you would expect to be available on including access to your activity feed, the ability to browse pictures you’ve uploaded in the past and pictures you’ve marked as favorites. While all of those features are neat my favorite is the ability to pin the app to your start screen and have it update it’s live tile with all sorts of gorgeous pictures. Flickr for Windows Phone is also as free as that squirrel I mentioned earlier and doesn’t feature any ads of any kind.

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