I don’t mind saying that every once in a while the creative well that is my mind runs a little dry when confronted with the task of coming up with new ideas for App Flow.  With today being such a day, I turned to my girlfriend and asked for her ideas. She thought for a bit, smiled and than said, “It’s always too serious. Why not talk about the best Tic Tac Toe”. As any male in that situation knows, once the idea has been shared it’s best to go with it. With that in mind I give you the best applications to get your “X” and “O” on with your Windows Phone.

What better place to begin than with an application that dispenses with the  “X” and “O” altogether? I’m talking about a fresh take on the characters we know and love. Enter Vimukti Technologies Private Limited’s Tic Tac Toe Ninja. It’s free, it’s got a campaign and two player mode, and best of all, it’s storyline involves pizzas. Pizzas, plus ninjas, for free equals cowabunga!

But what if ninjas aren’t enough? What if you want new gameplay modes, excellent graphics and great background music? XIMAD INC’s Kung Fu Tic Tac Toe.  It features 6 x 6 modes to make it more of a challenge to conquer your opposing army. The application also features an enhanced AI that supposedly learns your movies. It’s free and has no advertisements.

And finally for those of you who want the best of both you can pick up XIM INC’s amply titled Tic Tac Toe. You get the absolute best user interface design of any game we’ve played along with the learning AI, that extra 6 x 6 mode I mentioned earlier, and all for the very low price of… free.

That’s if for this week’s Windows Phone App Flow. I’ll be doing a special edition of the column while on the road to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington next week. If you have an application or a theme you’d like us to feature, hit me up on Twitter username: harlemS. Until Next time be easy!

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