You read right. According to Paul Thurott of WinSuperSite, going forward Windows Phone 7 devices will not be required to use Microsoft’s proprietary port for syncing in charging, effectively clearing the way for manufacturers of the devices to choose which ever port they see fit.

According to Paul:

“I just received word back from Microsoft on my connector query. It turns out that Windows Phones will not use the Zune connector as some had hoped. Indeed, the otherwise rigid Windows Phone 7 Series hardware specification does not stipulate a physical interface of any kind, even mini-USB. So device makers are free to implement their own device-to-PC/charging solutions, and we’ll likely see a mix of mini-USB, micro-USB, and even (shame) proprietary connectors on Windows Phones.”

While this does clear up one of the questions that’s been floating in the back of my mind for a while I have to wonder why this decision was made. With chargers, docks, and hardware already being made for the Zune’s port, it could have given Windows Phone 7 a boost in accessories right out of the gate especially since every Windows Phone 7 device, will be compatible with Zune software and services.