Starting August 22nd, Microsoft will continue it’s complete castration of the Zune Software client, when it kills nearly all of the app’s purchasing abilities.

Microsoft detailed the changes coming to the remainder of Zune users today through a new FAQ on According to that FAQ, Zune Software users won’t be able to purchase music or television shows starting on that day. Users also won’t be able to rent or purchase any movies.

Instead users on Windows 7 and Windows Vista will be forced to purchase media through their Windows Phone 7 devices or on the web. Users who have Zune HDs will still be able to download and sync music from the Zune Software to their Zune HD using their now renamed, Xbox Music Pass. These users were already unable to download music directly to their Zune HD thanks to Microsoft killing that device’s mobile marketplace some time ago.

Users will still be able to redeem any 10 free song credits they have, through the software.

If the FAQ is an accurate indication, Microsoft seems to cutting the features so that it can advance it’s goal of eliminating Microsoft Points from it’s digital music platform.