If you’ve installed Windows Phone 8.1, the free update that all Windows Phone 8 devices will get over the next few months, you know that the version of Xbox Music that was made available with it is outright lousy by most accounts. Last week Microsoft announced that it’d be releasing an update for the app this week and pushing out updates for the app every two weeks. That first update, is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

The refreshed version of Xbox Music started rolling out just a few hours ago. Last week Microsoft said that the update would include performance fixes and the ability to start playlists with Cortana, Windows Phone 8.1’s new voice assistant. The update was also expected to include background collection updating so that the app wasn’t as slow as it had been after performing the update initially. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t chose to include a detailed change log with today’s update.

You can head to the Windows Phone Store on your Windows Phone 8.1-equipped device now by manually triggering the update. If you have automatic updates setup on your device you’ll get the new Xbox Music app automatically.