If you were hoping to celebrate the arrival on Madden NFL 15 by playing a bit of last year’s installment for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, you’re in luck. As of now all Xbox One owners can download the EA Access app that lets them subscribe to the recently announced subscription service of the same name.

Microsoft and game developer Electronic Arts partnered to announce the broad availability of EA Access subscription service. As of right now users can find the app in the Xbox Store. Once downloaded, users are able to subscribe to EA Access for $4.99 a month. Once subscribed users can download any game in the EA Access “Vault.” Additionally, EA Access subscribers get 10% off new purchases plus early access to new games like the upcoming Madden NFL 15 title that it won’t be releasing a demo outside of EA Access. Electronic Arts representatives are citing Netflix and Amazon Prime as inspiration for EA Access.

Once downloaded, EA Access users can subscribe directly through the Xbox One app. EA Access is exclusive available on the Xbox One. Sony had the opportunity to make the service available to owners of the PlayStation 4, but reject the idea, probably because EA Access would directly compete with its PlayStation Now subscription service.

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