Microsoft’s new Xbox One X video game console will offer better looking Xbox One games in a body that’s smaller than any previous Xbox One console.

The company revealed the Xbox One X today at its Xbox E3 Media Briefing. It’s not the first time it’s discussed the console though. We first got a look at it during last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Back then, Xbox One X was¬†Project Scorpio.

Today, Microsoft finally revealed the console’s price and design. It’s black, with all the same ports that are on the Xbox One S. It will cost $499 beginning November 7th.

To get the best visuals, gamers will need Xbox One X Enhanced games. Forza Motorsport 7 and Crackdown 3 will offer that when they arrive later this year. Madden 18, Sea of Thieves and Middle-Earth Shadow of War are official Xbox One X Enhanced titles set for release soon. Assassin’s Creed Origins has 4K support but isn’t an Xbox One X Enhanced game, officially. Xbox gamers don’t need to buy new games to benefit from its enhanced processing power, memory and graphics. Existing Xbox One games¬†run smoother and load faster, Microsoft says. Remember, all Xbox One games work with all Xbox One consoles.

All told, there were not a lot of surprises concerning the Xbox One X. I’ll be trading in my Xbox One S towards an Xbox One X because I have an Xbox One S connected to my 4K television already. Plus, I write about Xbox for a living. The enhanced visuals do look stunning, I’ll give Microsoft that.