Steve Ballmer Says Zune’s Future in Software, Zune Owners Yawn

[img] Ballmer.jpg[/img] According to an interview done at the McGraw-Hill media conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that there will indeed be hardware revisions for the Zune faithful to purchase going forward, but that at this time he believe it’s future may be as an ecosystem for other devices.

What I find amazing here is that everyone’s so busy wondering if Microsoft is going to open up the platform that they’re forgetting something. Lets see here, a Microsoft software solution that will allow other companies to make they’re own device and integrate all under one roof? This sounds familiar i’m sure it’s…. Yeah PlayForSure all over again. It’s one thing to admit that the current model for selling Zune devices isn’t working out. It’s quite another to go back to using the same broken model you were using before creating Zune. Sell me ecosystem that collapses under it’s own stupidity once, shame on me. Attempt to do it again and shame on you. Be sure to leave comments I want to know how you guys feel about this.

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