What Zune Users Want in a new Player

Another month gone, and you know what that means. Ok, you don’t but for now on it will might a closer look at what the Zune community thinks about hot topics in Zune related news. This month we asked:

What type of next generation device would you like to see Microsoft release next?

Touch Screen Device. [40 % or 12 readers] Slimmer version of the already released devices. [ 7% or 4 readers] A do all-in-one device. Phone, Internet, and Music Player. [47% or 14 readers] Option 04: Larger hard drive sizes for the already released devices. [3% or 1 reader] Option 05: I’m Not Sure. [3% or 1 reader] Option 06: Black is just fine. [0% or 0 readers]

On the podcast a few weeks back I asked Ryan of LiveSide that very same question, he also wasn’t sure. By looking at these results one can conclude only that We all want something less like the current model of Zunes and more like an iPod Touch. Thanks for voting everyone!

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