Being a big Zune Fan and all, when you head to my house you’ve got to check your geek cred at the door. There’s an XBOX (both generations), a media center PC instead of a regular TV, however all of that stuff can be easily explained, to a visitor: “I like to record stuff.”, “Who doesn’t game!”  What can’t be as easily explained is this little treasure:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen that’s a Zune sign hanging in my office, and not just any Zune sign. In the fall of 2006, I had just recently nabbed an entry position at Staples, 2006 being the same year of Zune’s debut. So once the holiday season was over and we were getting rid of the display, I um “borrowed it”. Well that’s my entry, send us a link to your favorite Zune pictures, and lure and we’ll post our favorites every Friday evening in our Flickr Feed and here on the homepage. What are you waiting for? Take Snoop & Justin Timberlake’s advice and “Strike that pose.”

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