Sunday Sitdown: Starting 2010 Off Right

Chances  are if you follow me on Twitter on a few of the other Zune sites, you’ve already heard my good news, on Friday morning I was selected to join the Jason Dunn, Marques Lyons, Andrea Avellan, Paul Colligan, Corey Shuster, Neville Williams, Graham Skee, Harvey Chute, and Johnathan Hefner as Microsoft MVPs for Zune. Having not really asked for much detail about the award before I received it, i’m slowly learning new details about the Program and how I can help the Zune Team.

What I have realized is that this will change ZuneSpring in way I couldn’t have dreamed of. First it’s not just acknowledgement by Microsoft that what I and the forum team do here are of value. It won’t shock you to know that I frequently get questions and snide remarks about how our forum isn’t huge, and how we don’t have as much hits as “Zune Site XYZ”.  Having sat on these thoughts for a while I can honestly say this: Take your giant forum community and kiss my ass. At ZuneSpring, content is, and will always be key. I would love for this site to host educated discussions, but I will not shutter this site because we have 78 members. As long as I have something to say, and these 78 people  to listen. I will continue to do so.

As someone reminded on Friday, I will most certainly have to monitor the things I right for now on. Having  the MVP logo on the site, means that some people will assume that I may have inside information when speaking off the cuff. For that reason I will be especially careful about predicting things coming on the future as far as Zune is concerned.

Now the things that won’t change. I am still going to be the big mouth who makes fun of the ignorance of some people  who don’t like Zune, because they haven’t tried it. I will also continue to be just as harsh on Zune. Being a real asset to the program means I can’t just nod my head.

Lastly I would like to say Thank You.  It’s because of you that I received this award. Early this year I seriously considered closing ZuneSpring. I was tired of no one reading my writing, and honestly came to nearly within hours of closing, then something amazing happened. In a spurt of luck I came across InsidetheCircle and ZuneTracks, and with their webmaster’s encouragement turned down an offer to work at another site and continued to run ZuneSpring the way I think Zune websites should be run, information & outreach first, big flashy looks third.

Here’s to ZuneSpring, and the people who make it better each and everyday, here’s to you dear Zune owner. I work for you, what’s next boss?

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