ZuneTune Returns: Grammy Edition

From ZuneInsider:

“Hey Zune Nation, we are curious as to who YOU think should have been nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year. With the official nominations in Place , were there any songs that you thought should have made the list? We will be compiling your requests and creating a special Zune Tune community playlist with your suggestions that we’ll publish in the Zune Marketplace on 1/19/10.

So what are you waiting for? Reply to us on Twitter (@zune) with who you think should have been in the running for Song of the Year using the hashtag #zunetune. We’ll compile a list of your suggestions to be placed in the Zune Marketplace and also will shout out the Zune community members that contributed by publishing your Twitter handle in the playlist!”

First, it’s always awesome to get something user generated in the Zune Marketplace. Second, if any of you say Justin Beiber, I’ll have to have you killed.

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