Zune Services to Go Down on Monday

On Tuesday, January 25th Zune services will go down for maintenance for 24 hours.

“The Zune service will be offline starting at 10 pm on Monday, January 25 and we anticipate all Zune services will be available again within 24 hours. As with previous updates, we are recommending users download any new music, videos or podcasts and sync Zune Pass content they want prior to the downtime, otherwise they’ll have to wait until the service is back up to download new content. Content that is already stored in their PC or Xbox HDD will continue to remain available during the downtime.”

You heard it here folks. Zune.net streaming, Zune Pass, & Zune Video XBOX, and the Zune Marketplace, will not be available for 24hrs starting Monday. On Tuesday night operations will resume and you’ll be prompted to download updated versions of the Zune 30, 80, 120, 4, and 8, firmware & an updated copy of the Zune Software.

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