Are you having issues with ZunePass?

According to Engadget, a number of different albums, and in some cases, entire artists have been disappearing from the Zune Marketplace. For me it started about a week ago, at the time though I considered it to be a problem just I was experiencing. I’m interested in know just how many of you using ZunePass are having this issue, tell us in the comments.

4 Comments on “Are you having issues with ZunePass?”

  1. I experience it all the time. I sync multiple Zune with my account and sometimes certain songs only sync to certain devices. Or there are entire artist collections that disappear. The most recent artist for me was “She & Him”. All their content was taken down.

  2. I’ve had alot of trouble with Gnarls Barkley and Chester French. The problem is that on some level everyone listens to those small artists and alot of them seem to have issues right now. Hopefully they’ll improve on that soon.

  3. I see this all of the time with my 8GB Zune but rarely on my 120. It is very frustrating, I love the software but there should be a log or something because the list of “Not Added” can be lengthy. I will have to see if there is a common factor such as Record Label but in terms of Artist I have seen it with a varied selection from Alice Copper to Van Morrison.

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