It’s been a while since I’ve gotten all hyped over a networking entering the Zune Video Marketplace. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great place to discover new TV Shows that you want to get into, however for a while there not many old favorites of mine were available so imagine how far I jumped out of my seat when I noticed Viacom’s Nick Rewind today.

Starting today you’ll be able to stream or download episodes of:

  • Rocko’s Modern Life
  • Ahh Real Monsters
  • Ren & Stimply
  • Rugrats: All Growed Up

Additionally you’ll also be able to stream and download new seasons and volumes of:

  • Rugrats
  • Hey Arnold!
  • Doug

Pick them up today, and if anyone asks you tell ‘em Travis sent you. Oh and I recommend Doug and Hey Arnold! They are the only thing I watched as a kid, that and CNN. (I was mature for my age).

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