We’ve  heard rumors that Microsoft’s next generation mobile platform would be tethered to the Zune software for sometime but it’s always helpful to get a solid confirmation from a Microsoft executive instead of just speculating all willy-nilly. When asked about Windows Phone 7 syncing by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Charlie Kindel  confirmed that Dorado, (aka our beloved Zune software) will become  the “only software you’ll need” for music & video purchase.

It’s also worth noting that when asked about any future plans for ZunePass on Windows Phone 7, Mary Jo got the pretty standard “we’ll talk more in the coming months about our music model payment plan”. Here’s my translation: “We may or may not be working on something.”

This is all well and good but will you guys permit me to say a little obituary for Active Sync? Yes?

“Active Sync you were never really loved. And that’s for good reason.”

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