This Week @ ZS: I’m Switching to Connected Entertainment

At the turn of the century Microsoft introduced what could only be described as one of the most underrated products of their entire portfolio. Indeed if anything the digital revolution we seem to be on the brink of started with Windows Media Center. Sure it was an epic disaster of an interface, and issues of hardware requirements and simplicity plague it to this very day but at the moment Microsoft took the covers off of their ambition to change the way we enjoy our favorite television shows, movies, pictures, and music. Now more than a decade later we nearly have the fruits of not just Microsoft’s labor, but of Apple’s attempts to take over your living as well, of Neflix’s rise to dominance. None of these advancements we’re as ambitious as Microsoft’s Windows Media Center, and none of them failed as spectacularly at changing the way we consume content. This isn’t however a review of WMC as it’s capabilities are well known and it’s worth noting that in all fairness WMC may have failed simply because it was ahead of its time. It was the beginning of enjoying content the way you want, where you want, when you damn well please.

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