Your Music Tuesday 4.27.2010

It’s nearly hump day folks, and it’s time to find out what you guys are listening to! This week we’ve got picks from the @ZuneSpring twitter feed. Shouts to @lsdapromc @WhateverCakes @CodeSe7en and @Dilpicke1. In the immortal words of Will Smith, let’s make it hot!


From the Twitter feed:

whatevercakes “I am listening to Josh Kelley!”

Lsdapromc#nowplaying lupe im beaming”

CodeSe7en “2 new albums: Bullet For My Valentine – Fever; and Drowning Pool – Drowning Pool. Thanks”


From Facebook:

Dylan Horetski “B.o.B – The Adventures of Bobby Ray”


Shouts to everyone for sending in their recommendations. The fun doesn’t stop here though. You can add What your’e listening to this today as well. Post your jams in the comments.

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