A brilliant person once said, “The music you love is the music that makes you”. Of course he was my uncle, who I’m not entirely sure is sane but roll with me here. In essence the music you listen to the soundtrack that defines what your lifestyle is. Here’s what a few of your picks for your personal soundtracks.

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lordserch "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado. #ZuneTune #YMT (Listen @ Zune.net)

tromboneforhire The Black Sheep album – "From the Black Pool of Genius". That’s great hip-hop right there. #YMT (Listen @ Zune.net)

Dilpickle1 "Motown Classics" by A loss for words ….nothing like Lionel Richie’s "All night long" re-done by a pop-punk band 😀


Thanks for submitting your tracks guys! Also when you’re tweeting your tracks starting next week remember to use the new #YMT hashtag.

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