House Lights Dim: is Down, *Back Up

It would seem that after I went to bed last night we all got a little bit of news. For the next 24 hours, & the Zune Marketplace are down. We’ll pass on more once we have it.

Note: A few of you have written in asking if there may be an update coming. The email sent out via every users account mentions the service being down for routine maintenance. I’m sure it’s nothing more then that.

Update: Update: Looks like we’re back to business. It looks like the new Bing integration is working mostly. Of course we’ll have more when we get it.

3 Comments on “House Lights Dim: is Down, *Back Up”

  1. It looks like they made quite a few changes to the website actually… Besides the very promising Bing integration with an ability to stream from Bing…. Your purchase history is now accessible from along with more social features if you select My Social from the drop down menu of your account. A smaller web player is presented on and in general everything is much cleaner and tidier… A Smart DJ, Artist Activity, and Better Recommended Area are some of the few slick changes made…

  2. I see a few errors here and there, minor ones though…. For example your picture icon for your user account disappears to a question mark occasionally when browsing the site on certain pages, and unless this is purposeful the Bing integration isn’t fully up and running yet… Certain songs play through the Bing player but others don’t… Not worried about it though Zune has done a great job with all these features they’re pushing Music integration with Bing and Xbox on the horizon with changes to the Marketplace and more…. Zune actually surprised me and almost overwhelmed me with this sudden outburst I can’t wait to see what they do next…

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