This Week @ ZuneSpring: In Gear

This Week we’re renewing our dedication to bringing you the best in Zune news and information, including a graphical refresh of, even more integration with the forums and some well needed search optimization. We’re also throwing in a mountain of bug fixes.

  • Graphical Update
  • New tagline: “We Are..”
  • Resurrection of the “This Week @ ZuneSpring”, “What’s On”, and “Your Music Tuesday” columns.
  • Complete ZuneSpring Search fix.
  • Compression of all images, for faster loading times.
  • New bi-weekly changing background across the entire site.

4 Comments on “This Week @ ZuneSpring: In Gear”

  1. Thanks for all the work you put into the website. Man, I wish they would either announce a new device or upgrade the software with more apps, so I can finally upgrade to the 64GB. My Zune80 only holds 2 hours worth of charge now, but I don’t want to get screwed!

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