There are just weeks left now until Microsoft pulls out all the stops on Windows Phone 7. The devices will be able to use Zune, sync with my Windows Live ID, and become a mobile gaming platform thanks to XBOX. Truth is they’ve got me sold, except for one small problem. Where the hell are the attractive Windows Phone devices?

The HTC “T8788” seems to ask the eternal question, how big of a speaker do I need on my phone to annoy others? No specs yet, but honestly the lost me at the speaker.




The HTC “Shubert” looks like a great phone from the front. Of course when you turn it around it looks like all hell broke loose in a designers workshop.



Not a bad entry from LG here either. Except it looks kinda, and you guys are going to make fun of me for this one… “plasticy”. Yeah I know that isn’t a word.


Bottom line is that all of these phones aren’t Windows Phone prime hardware material. The OS will remove a lot of the problems consumers had with Windows Phone but, seem to be loosing the innovative hardware that Windows Mobile, a mainstay even though the OS’s user interface was hot garbage. For the love of god HTC, give me an HD2 with Windows Phone 7, and I’ll call it even.

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  1. I use plasticy all the time, although my spell check in Firefox is not counting it as a word, only conclusion possible must be that the dictionary is wrong.

  2. It’s not working with flash yet however It’ll run Adobe flash when Adobe’s done with it. I’m saying, they’re just now rolling out Adobe flash for Android phones. The Operating system do multitask just like iOS. It saves the current state of the app so when you go back to it, it’ll be where you left it.No copy and paste. optimistically Copy and paste was attempted to be replaced by smart linking. I hope there will be adding a real copy and paste functionality in the next weeks.

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