When you ask any Zune user what first attracted them to Microsoft’s entertainment platform they’ll tell you a few different things. Some were snagged by Redmond’s promises to treat music like an art form and less like some spreadsheet with music files attached. Some will tell you that it’s the platform’s flagship Zune Pass music service that first brought them into the fold. These would both be valid answers, but what I find is that most users were attracted to is the dream of just having their stuff work over multiple devices. In 2006 that was a pipe dream, in 2008 it was a no-brainer, and with Zune Music on XBOX, in 2010 it’s reality. Microsoft has finally delivered on a perk of the Zune ecosystem they should have delivered from Day One, and I won’t lie to you folks, I don’t even care that it wasn’t released four years ago. Why? It may have been well worth the wait.

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