Zune news, information, across the nation, with no more procrastination. That’s how we’re rolling this week. We’re talking with Kevin Griffin, about Richmond Code Camp, (Or as I like to call it, coding heaven,) along with the latest in Zune news, Saturday Night @ the Movies, Free Pick Video, and would you believe we even stuffed some free Drake and a Reliant6 Mix? Yeah we’re doing it big.

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Free Pick Video:

“Law and Order: Los Angeles” available free in Zune Video Marketplace


Album Drop:

 “I Get Lonely Too” by Drake from his upcoming mixtape “It’s Never Enough”


Saturday Night @ the Movies:

“Date Night” available for rental or purchase in the Zune Video Marketplace


Don’t forget to download Reliant6’s Music Mixes weekly here on ZuneSpring. Going forward a short sample from each week’s mix will be used to close out each show. “Put this in your pipe and smoke it…” is this week’s feature. You can download the full 45 minutes here. Also a special thanks to Kevin Griffin for talking to us about Code Camp. You can find him on Twitter at twitter.com/1kevgriff . Also a special thanks to all those who spoke at and organized Richmond Code Camp. It was a joy to learn from you. You can find out more about it at Richmond Code Camp here. If you like the show please take the time to support us by using our coupon code for GoDaddy products. Just use “pod159” during checkout for 10% off of your purchase.

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