We’re back, (despite a host of technical difficulties). As all ways we’ve got the latest in Zune news and information, plus a call to arms for all that feel strongly on pirated music. All that plus music from Zune community member PlasticPanda. Trust me folks this is a ZuneSpring Live you don’t want to miss, oh and use headphones for this one if you are at the office.

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Album Drop:

“Radio” by Black Cherry from her upcoming EP of the same title.


Saturday Night @ The Movies:

“Solitary Man” available for rental or purchase in the Zune Video Marketplace.


Free Pick Audio:

“Glitter Frozen in Time” available free @ facebook.com/plasticpanda


Don’t forget to tell us what you think about Music piracy! Email us at theteam@zunespring.com, call our voicemail at 1-847-4ZSLive! We’ll recap all user submmited comments on the upcoming ZuneSpring Live Town Hall in just a few weeks. If you like the show please take the time to support us by using our coupon code for GoDaddy products. Just use “pod159” during checkout for 10% off of your purchase.

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