With less then a week until the unofficial kick off of the holiday buying season in the United Sates, we wanted to get a feel for what users’ next Zune related purchases might include.  We asked quite simply, “What’s your next Zune Device?”. I can honestly say we got the exact numbers we thought we would.

[poll id=”9″]

Clearly the momentum is on the Windows Phone 7 side of things as it should be, with more then 56% of the vote going to Windows Phone 7 and only 12% saying they would either hold out for another Zune branded device, and another 12% saying they would be getting a Zune HD. What I found intersting is that only 1% thought about the XBOX, an issue I attribute to what I perceive is it’s perception of not being an actual Zune device, and shallow Zune integration.

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