nbccheapseasonpassFor a limited time you can grab entire seasons of currently running NBC shows for nearly half off. Shows include 30 Rock, Law and Order: SVU, Chuck, Saturday Night Live, Law and Order, Undercovers, and  Parenthood. We’ve got no idea when this ends so you best hop on the bandwagon now if you want to have the most extensive catalog of lame television this side of Survivor. I joke, I hear good things about Tina Faye.

2 Comments on “NBC Season Pass Discounted”

  1. IMO, the two best shows on NBC are 30 Rock and The Office, although I believe this season (Season 5) of 30 Rock is probably the weakest, whereas The Office has stepped it up and are having a good season thus far. I think Season 6 kinda sucked.

  2. Wow!!! Chuck AND 30 Rock!!? I might explode.

    But let’s not hate on 30 Rock… it’s been amazing this season, except for that one episode after the Live one. Yikes. That was just sad. The worst season will always be season four.

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