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This morning the Zune Marketplace team introduced it’s newest scheme to help everyone sort through their massive Zune catalog a little better, Album Galleries.

Source: Christo27 via the ZuneSpring Forums

Since we’re a little late to this party we’ll let ZuneSpring forum member Christo27 give you guys the low down.

“I checked them out a bit, and they almost seem like a replacement for channels- but not automatic. It recommends "The Greatest Music" of different genres, or years, which then leads to artists, albums, and songs. It also, however, includes podcasts and movies. Which is much better than the current way of just going through the top and recommended stuff.Pretty neat feature. Though I guess we should really start to get worried about channels”

We’ve tried it out ourselves and indeed he speaks truth. While it’s not automatically updates it does get the Zune Marketplace content team back in the center of the Zune experience. He’s also right about something else. We’re worried about the future of channels as well.

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