Everything has a circle of life, take the cell phone industry for example. First your out there just trying to lay low when gadget hounds like that folks at Engadget and Gizmodo get wind of your existence and try to photograph you. Next you’re officially announced and considered part of the “in” crowd of phones. Then you’re kicked out of the popular kids group for being yesterday’s news and sent packing to anyone who’ll purchase you for rock bottom prices. Thus is the life of the T-Mobile, however it’s dethroning can be your gain!

Via Engadget.

This Friday and Saturday you’ll be able to pick up any smart phone on the T-Mobile network for the every day low price of $0. That means from Friday morning until the beginning of The Sabbath you can pick up Microsoft’s very own Windows Phone 7 enabled HD7 for nothing more then peanuts. The catch? Well you’ll need a two year service agreement but you already knew that didn’t you? Check out the deal here.

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