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I probably should have mentioned this in the first post but I figured why not build a little suspense. In this spot soon you’ll find the next evolution from ZuneSpring. A place where Zune, and other entertainment technologies are dominant. A place we’re going to call Entertainment Connected.

3 Comments on “Announcing Entertainment Connected”

  1. Interesting Roc, I hadn’t thought of that! I hope any announcement includes new hardware, like the Win Phone 7 without the phone. I don’t need a 2 year contract all over again, just want an app/mp3 media player that also supports movies. Now that I think about it, it would irk me even more if Zune never supported digital media because so many digital copies now come with a portable copy too.

    Why haven’t we heard any news from the MVP summit? I haven’t seen/heard anything from the Zune team or the mvp’s. There had to be something that was not under an NDA.

  2. Hate to break it to you guys but Travis has been working on this before Summit came around. Nothing he saw (or didn’t see) at Summit is influencing this new venture move. I think it’s good that he’s expanding this out, much like Zune has expanded itself out.

    Good luck with this, Trav!

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