Looks like the next Xbox Live update has been detailed just as it was getting out the door with an Engadget tipster outing all the information fit to print.

Shipped to users is a free copy of “Halo: Reach” with a giant label warning against not inserting the disc into a non-preview console. Why? “Doing so will disable access to Xbox Live” No word still on the exact specifications of the update that’s being tested but if folks are talking about this all willy-nilly now we shouldn’t have to wait very long for answers.

Source: Engadget

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  1. Hmmm all interesting… Doesn’t matter to me unfortunately as I can no longer access Xbox Live because a lightning storm fried the internet ports for my 360. Which makes me pretty pissed off. Just means my wallet will have to get as light as ever to buy a new nex-gen console. (Hand over the disc lol… I’ll play Halo Reach. my Xbox Live is gone anyways…)

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