Today is a somber day. Zune Originals, the place to get customized Zunes in several colors straight from Microsoft has been closed. You can still buy the platinum and black devices in stores, but if you wanted a special color or even a 64gb device you are out of luck.

Could this mean that Zune has a device is as good as dead, or is a new device coming?

Source: ZuneBoards

4 Comments on “Zune originals cancelled, what could it mean?”

  1. I’m hoping it means we will see Nokia branded zune players with the WP7 interface ..
    Microsoft should not stop making a media player. Just look at how many Ipods are sold a year
    and with the OS all really there can’t be that much cost involved.

  2. WHAT!!!!! NOOOO they better keep making zune..i love m zune sooo much better than a ipod!! every ipod i have had breaks after 4 years. the battery ALWAYS has a problem after 4 years. and my zune has never acted funny on me and the sound quality is AMAZING. microsoft. you can do better!!! show apple what your made of!!!

  3. Most big stores like Target dont even carry Zune anymore. It was also a HUGE tactical error to release WP7 without a CDMA version. That guaranteed that they would be in the display case right behind the iPhone. Sprint couldve showcased that phone and offered true unlimited data plans. They need to just wake up and realize that the only serious way to compete with apple now is to join forces with Droid and make the software avail as an app. Build a customer base back up with software, then release a player.

  4. I love the Nokia comment/idea. I wouldn’t even mind an Xbox re-brand. But they need to do something – I love the WP7 phone. Zune HD is the best. The Zune Pass is unbeatable. MS just needs to show this off more. I hope before 2012 there is a new Zune player that has access to all the phone apps. A new dedicated player with mango and all all the wp7 apps with the HD functionality….that would be just Zune goodness…..

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