Not for nothing but we’re hearing reports of Zune Pass subscribers recieving email alerts from Microsoft about changes they’re making to our beloved subscription music service. What kinda changes? Well lets just say we don’t like it, we don’t like it at all.

According to a screen caption from the email alert:

“Starting September 13, the number of devices you may download Zune Music Pass content to will be reduced from 6 total devices (3 computers and 3 mobile devices), to 4 devices (at least one computer and any combination of 3 additional computers and mobile devices).”

The email then goes on to invite you to cancel your substrion ifyou don’t like the changes. As a person who’s used my Zune Music Pass on 3 computers and 3 mobile devices, I’m not at all thrilled by this. That being said i’m willing to Are you guys using your 6 devices, how will this effect the way you use Zune Pass?

Update Matt Faraca @airmattdog on Twitter, who works for the Zune Video Marketplace team has confirmed what we’d been suspecting since we hadn’t gotten the email ourselves: It’s Europe only.

Update We’ve also got official word from official sources inside Microsoft confirming that in fact only the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and France will be seeing the changes to their Terms of Service.

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7 Comments on “Microsoft Changes the Device Limits for Zune Music Pass UPDATE”

  1. I use my Zune Pass on 2 computers and 3 devices. Each device has it’s use (Phone for streaming, ZuneHD for the gym Zune 80 for the car). I’m going to try and cut out a computer. But no, I’m not happy. It makes my ZuneHD cry :*(

  2. This is only for downloads, not streaming. Besides, how many people really use six total? If you’re sharing with other people you need to add another subscription.

  3. Comment (Required)I am like others here. linked on 3 PCs (including a tablet) and 3 devices. But to be honest, my HD is what I carry in my pocket, my Fujitsu laptop is my work horse. The 80 is hooked up to my XBox, but more often now I stream from my PC or through the market place. My Zune 30 is sitting in a drawer, to be fired up only on occasion. When I do get a phone soon, I will basically be using the PC, phone and HD. Happy? no. Gnashing my teeth, no, because I actually fear there is worse to come.

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