I spent the better part of last week looking for a new car and all the accessories that come along with geeking out your ride, and sadly not much was available on the Windows Phone side of things. Well it seems this fall I’ll be one step closer to tricking out my ride, Viper SmartStart, one of the biggest names in automotive tech involving smart phones, is bringing their popular app to Windows Phone.

“Viper SmartStart has been on our radar screen for Windows Phone 7 since it launched,” said Jeff Sandquist, Senior Director of Developer Relations for Microsoft. “The app has changed the way smartphone users interact with their vehicles, and Microsoft is very pleased that this innovative app will be available to millions of Windows Phone users.””

Yeah, forget all that PR talk, bottom line; get me that app asap! I’ve got a 1994 Ford Taurus to rebuild and a remote start application from my phone is just what I had in mind.

Source Directed Electronics PR Release

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