We’re finally getting down to the wire on the latest Xbox 360 Dashboard update which if you’ve been under a rock, is happening sometime tomorrow. Today Xbox LIVE Vice President Marc Whitten is sharing a little info about how Microsoft plans to change the entertainment landscape with the new hotness.

There are a few choice tidbits about how Microsoft hopes you’ll use the new features like Bing, voice search, beacons, and some others, but the thing that caught our eye was the number of Xbox LIVE Gold users: 35 Million. While it doesn’t go into much detail on any particular feature, it’s still nice to see the Xbox LIVE Team reaching out to the community. You can read the full text of the open letter over at MajorNelson.com

Update 8:47pm In what could possible be the weirdest thing we’ve seen since watching we first spotted a SmarCar, MajorNelson has released more information on when you can expect to download the update:

“FAQ: When will the Xbox 360 dashboard update be available? A: Everyone should receive it by 10a ET/7a PT/15:00 UTC”

We’re as puzzled by this move as much as you are. Typically the Xbox Team prefers to not give out times or announce hard deadlines in case of any issues, so why they would bother doing it this time seems like sort of a mystery. Word on the street is it may have something to do with an announcements around the Windows App Marketplace, also slated for tomorrow morning.  You know you’ll have more when we do.

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