Everyone tells us that spending an abundance of time with your relatives during the holidays is something to be treasured. To that we say, yeah right! We’d rather be shooting up Covenant, solving crimes in 1950s Los Angeles, or playing with Legos. Starting today you can do all three, on the cheap thanks to Microsoft’s 12 Days of Xbox LIVE Deals.

We won’t even bother throwing in a chart of all the great deals Microsoft has going on the next 12 days, but we’ll give you the highlights. L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass is 480 Microsoft Points, Plants Vs. Zombies is 600 Microsoft Points, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is also going for a good deal depending on which country you live in.

Additionally Microsoft will be offering up different daily deals between now and the New Years so don’t forgot to keep your eyes pealed for anything interesting on that front as well. Today’s daily deal is 50% off Bastion.  We’ll track all the daily deals for you, but if you’d rather get the lowdown on the entire event head on over to Xbox.com

Source MajorNelson.com

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