It’s now the not-so busy season if you’re a gamer. Most of us are finishing titles we purchased late last year or earning those last few achievements on our favorite titles that kept us busy over the holidays. Typically thats what always happens in January and February. As it turns out things won’t be all quiet and mellow this year as Microsoft is planning a downloadable festivus for Xbox LIVE Arcade gamers.

Beginning on February 15th, Microsoft is hitting us with weekly Xbox LIVE Arcade Tier-A titles including Alan Wake’s American Nightmare from Microsoft Games Studios , I Am Alive from Ubisoft, Nexuiz from THQ, and Warp from EA. No word on pricing or the exact order they’ll be released in, but now you have a even better reason to get that tax return back as soon as possible and pick all these up!

Source CES 2012 Xbox Press Kit via MajorNelson

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