We have just weeks to go until Mobile World Congress and a suspected official announcement about the next version of Windows Phone, but you can leave it to us internet journalist types to ruin the surpise. PocketNow has managed to get their hands on leaked video of Windows Phone Director of Programing, Joe Belfiore telling partners about some of the new features coming in Windows Phone 8 codename “Apollo”.

According to The Verge , who independently confirms the authenticity of the leaked video footage, we can expect the next version of Windows Phone to include support for four different screen resolutions, multi-core processors, external storage, NFC communication, SkyDrive storage and syncing, integration with Microsoft Skype, and device encryption.

Unfortunately neither The Verge nor PocketNow are releasing the video for others to gawk at so you’ll have to take their admittedly reliable name for all of this. On the posistive side there are only 25 days left until Mobile World Congress and we’d bet our bottom dollar we’ll hear more about the mobile operating system then.

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