We have always had a bit of a soft spot in our hearts for the Dell Venue Pro. It was a terrific phone, with a decent gimmick at a time when Windows Phone had no stand outs. It promised us the comfort of a decent screen with the utility of a hardware keyboard at a time when literally every other vendor gave us the option of glass slabs or glass slabs. While Dell never really delivered on the promise of “entering the mobile market in a big way”, we had hopes they’d manage to turn it around. Those hopes we dashed by reports from PC World that Dell has pulled the Venue Pro and it’s Android loving cousin the Venue, with no replacements in the pipeline.

While you are pouring out a little for the old gal i’d invite you to read our very own Patrick Hefner’s review of the Venue Pro from earlier this year. We’ll miss you VP!

Source PCWorld via TheVerge

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