Oh, what’s that everyone? We’ve been really quiet for a couple of days and now we’re able to tell you why. It’s because we’ve been working on another major updated to enConnected.com and it’s subsystems.

While enConnected 2.0 and 2.1 were about bringing large changes to what readers see, 2.2 is all about making it easier to rapidly write, organize, and edit more efficiently. We won’t get into those features in detail here, but here’s a list of changes that you guys will notice.


enConnected Social

We’ve finally moved whole-hog into stable territory with enConnected Social. Now that we’ve removed the Beta tag, we’ve also decided to surface the Activity feed and groups for The Social to each and every page on the site, including a nice new area on the homepage. If you’re a tiwtter user and you’d like to just mention your favorite enConnected Social users, like say this guy, you can do so immediately from your activity and profile updates. Just use the all-important “@” and auto-suggestions will do the rest. CSS issues? Nixed. Captcha exceptions? fixed.



Additionally Changes

While enConnected Social changes are surely the most exciting, there are dozens of small changes that you’ll come across in the weeks ahead including the new homepage design, which takes on a more newspaper style while still keeping things organized. (Starting immediately the latest podcast, articles, and reviews will automatically surface here for easier browsing). We’ve also revved the RSS feeds for better support with external RSS readers, (cough -mobile applications), optimized the site’s underlying code, and one more thing that we won’t be able to reveal for a few more days.

If you run into any issues, feel free to post them in the comments so we can take a hard look and get the squashed as quickly as possible. I’d like to personally thank the people who helped make the front facing and the enormous amount of behind-the-scenes  enhancements including CGraymala , Aden Frasier, and Devin Price.


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