There are a lot of things available for debate when it comes to the Nokia-Microsoft partnership with Windows Phone, you know -financial viability and all. What isn’t up for debate is Nokia’s commitment to not only taking on the iPhone and Android, but it’s mindset on making sure you have absolutely no logical reason to purchase a Windows Phone manufactured by any other OEM. Today’s case in point, exclusive apps.

Nokia is planning an entire host of updates to the applications that you can only get on it’s devices including PGA Sport, ESPN, and  Groupon. That’s not the entire story though. Nokia is working with TIME, NewsWeek, AOL, TripDots, PayPal, Electronic Arts, and Rovio the create Windows Phone versions of their products as well. No final word on when we might see any of these, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. I mean who wouldn’t want Angry Birds and EA games on their Windows Phone?

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